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Children’s camp Crnjanski in Jagodina

Last year in June the first Children’s camp Crnjanski-Jagodina was held for students aged 7 to 11. Students of the Educational system Crnjanski – Primary School “Blue Circle” from Belgrade and Primary School “Crnjanski” from Jagodina stayed in the camp. The basic idea of the organizers of the camp “Crnjanski” was to offer the children of Belgrade and Jagodina a completely new concept of children’s tourism and school in nature, modern and rich in its contents. The wish was for children to stay in nature, primarily in the unique Children’s Camp Jagodina, purposely built and equipped for the needs of children and youth, but also that, in this case, students have daily English language classes conducted by a Cambridge licensed lecturer. Also, our goal was to show children how important sports, learning and staying in nature are through designed and well-organized sports and recreational contents, to remind children of old, forgotten games and teach them to enjoy them. Respecting the children’s needs and the entertainment aspect of the Camp, various thematic music-entertainment and competition programs were organized every evening. Costume parties, competitions of dance couples and many other contents were realized. Especially significant was that they “lived” together for those seven days, learned from each other, from us, but also we learned from them; they went through the process of socialization and independence easily and imperceptibly. Both adults and children gained new knowledge, new skills, learned some new foreign word or some new games, but above all, they gained wonderful friends and memories. Absolutely positive experience, top organization, accommodation and accompanying facilities are certainly what I professionally and personally most sincerely support and recommend.

Dragana Ivanović Đorđević

manager of International School ”Crnjanski”

During the program, the children attended a large number of various sports activities, learned about life and stay in nature and enjoyed the games.