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Crnjanski in Jagodina

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Healthy vacation with a large number of various activities

Summer camp ”CRNJANSKI” offers both consolidation and improvement of the knowledge of English, Mathematics, but also of sport and natural affinities in children when they are on vacation. It has been conceived as an active vacation with a large number of various activities, all-day stay in nature, outdoors, competitions, awarding, entertainment and socializing, all with the aim to prepare the children even better for the next school year, to spend their time organized and healthy in a quality company.

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Top organization, accommodation and accompanying contents are certainly what professionally distinguishes our from other camps.
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Entertainment and socializing are the key factors of a successful summer camp and preparing children in the best way for the upcoming school year, to stay healthy and organized, and to spend time in quality way and with their peers.

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National educational program of the Republic of Serbia and International Cambridge Assessment are harmonized in the way to transfer maximum knowledge of English, German, Serbian, Science, and Mathematics.